Need to replace a component? Want to customize? laservision has many accessories and laser safety eyewear attachments to meet your needs including cleaning solutions, cleaning cloths, cords, F24 replacement gaskets, Rx inserts, anti-fog lens insert, straps, padding and more.

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Prescription Lens Insert

Alternative to our fit-over frames. Inserts offer a clear view while providing protection from virtually all applications. For F01 Goggles only.

NOTE: Inserts do not come with a prescription. Must take these to your eyewear specialist.





Temple Options

Alternative solution for Duoflex temples an elastic head strap or malleable temples. Straps are adjustable and temples can be bent to match different head sizes.

Available for: F01, F02, R10 Frames



Anti-Fog Inserts

Anti-Fog Inserts for the F14 Goggle.

Special plastic sheets are coated with nanoparticles that absorb humidity to prevent fogging.



Cushion Foam Seal

Cushion Foam Seal for the F14 Goggle

Foam lining provides a more comfortable fit, especially for users with prescription eyewear.

Sold in a pack of five.



Vented Cushion Foam Seal

Cushion Foam Seal for the F14/R14 Goggle

This vented soft foam cushion for the laservision F14/R14 laser safety goggle provides a secure, comfortable fit and prevents fogging of the lenses. These features are particularly helpful when wearing the eyewear for extended periods of time. The foam seal is simply clipped into the existing frame. Frame not included.

Sold in a pack of five.



Rubber Seal

Cushion Rubber Seal for the F14 Goggle

This reusable seal is convenient for visitor use. Snaps easily into the F14 Frame for a comfortable fit.

Sold in a pack of five.