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F35 Pediatric Frame with C1040 Filter

Price: $149.00

Radiation Safety Eyewear


The C1040 filter is a leaded glass lens that protects the eyes against x-ray radiation.

The F35 frame:

  • For a smaller head size
  • Sleek grey frame with blue accents
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Soft flexible earpiece
  • Adjustable nose piece for added comfort
  • Other sizes available (F35, F37)

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F35 Pediatric Frame

Filter Details


Material: Glass
Color: Clear
VLT: 90%
Specification Sheet:
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Filter Specifications (OD):

X-ray only

Common Laser Types:

X-ray only

Common Applications:

X-ray only

Filter Chart

Frame Dimensions

Lens Width:  50mm
Lens Height:  35mm
Distance Between Lenses:  18mm
Frame Height: 40mm
Frame Length:  166mm
Frame Width:  130mm
Temple Length:  123mm